SQL Server App Development/Custom Solutions: KnowledgeWave SQL Server Consulting Services can develop the full blown needs of an application development cycle to provide the overall solution to your business needs, using SQL Server and Visual Basic or Access.

MS Access Migration to SQL: MS Access is great for small projects with just a few users. It's also a great tool to develop custom business applications. However, problems associated with the limitations of MS Access become all too apparent when you need to scale the application to support more features, more data, and more users. This is when it becomes clear that more robust and secure SQL Server database solutions are in order. It's time to convert Access to SQL Server!

Assessment and Review Services: If your organization is in the early planning stages for a major operational system, KnowledgeWave can provide SQL Consulting and assessment and review services that provide you with an in-depth evaluation of business requirements, plans, architectures, and designs of operational systems and environments. This early-stage SQL Server consulting service allows you to identify and mitigate risks, and realize the benefits of your application more quickly.

  • DataBase Design
  • Strategy
  • System Analysis
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Database Solutions

Many businesses today are faced with a challenge of processing and storing large amounts of information. Having a fast and reliable access to the past transactions could be very helpful in defining trends and finding seasonal or event-based patterns, satisfying security or accounting audits, providing customers with the history of their activities, generating company performance reports in multiple areas, and in many other cases.

If you have a need to design and implement a solution that can be of a significant help in increasing your company sales and resulting profits we would be glad to work with your on that.

In order to develop the best business database solution for your company, we first of all undertake to determine your needs and find out your preferences as for the future application. We need detailed information in order to develop a database-driven web page that will assist you in successful marketing of your business. We will help you with creating and managing databases and applying our business databse solutions no matter whether you are a small company, a big corporation or an individual. We are experienced in database optimization and customizing needed to match the database to your particular needs, we also provide advice as to the efficient management and maintenance of the data storage you possess. We can develop business database solutions independently, together with developing a web site or a web application, or integrate the delivered solution into the existing web site depending on your requirements. We are happy to apply our experience and knowledge to help you succeed, because your success is our best commercial, the best evidence of our abilities

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Success Stories

Here’s a sampling of what our clients have had to say about our help.

“We hired Wes and Effective Database Management to find the best AMS for our organization. Wes led the creation of the RFP and narrowed down our focus on what we hoped to achieve in the new system. With his connections, he quickly targeted the products that would best suit our office. Wes helped us every step of the way as we made our decision. Since the transition, reviews from the staff, leadership and general membership have been extremely positive. Contracting with Wes was well worth the investment as it saved us valuable time and effort and reduced strain on the staff during the transition period. Most importantly, the staff and leadership were confident in our final decision after the very detailed selection process. We avoided all the afterwards second-guessing that can occur when a major transition occurs.”

System Analysis and Assessment

Not sure if the systems you have in place are appropriate for your needs? EDM can help you evaluate what you are currently working with, what you should expect from your data management system, and what options are available to you. A thorough system analysis and assessment can help you decide if you should invest more money in your current systems or look for new solutions. Success Story

“We came to Wes because we were very frustrated with our existing AMS and we wanted to improve our capabilities as soon as practicable. Wes very quickly helped us through a process of identifying our needs, identifying potential vendors, and selecting a new system that we’ll be able to move into very quickly. I especially appreciated Wes’s candor about our processes as well as the systems we were looking at. He was a great resource to have in a period of high anxiety for our organization. I would highly recommend Wes for any similar project.”

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Database Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation: How confident are you in your SQL Disaster Recovery Plan? KnowledgeWave Consultants are available to review and enhance your disaster recovery plans reducing your exposure to data loss.

Custom Report & Query Development: Data analysis and reporting are essential tools to help make sound decisions for any company. Knowing where to get your data, reporting it efficiently and effectively, is the key to your success. We will design reports, queries and downloads using the most efficient tables and comprehensive programming logic to get the data you need fast.

Proof-of-Concept / Prototyping Services: Once we have successfully completed the planning and design stage of a solution, KnowledgeWave can provide you with a prototype application and/or data structures to test out the viability of the concept. This service will empower you to mitigate technical risks and/or accelerate the formation of a project team prior to the development or deployment of your IT solution. Our prototypes reflect the high quality of our SQL Consultant's Programming techniques.