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Why prepare business plan ?

The business planner can help you detail your goals and manage your business from start to finish.

why prepare a business plan?

1. focus your objective using appropriate information and analysis
2. selling tool in dealing with important relationship including your lenders, investors and bank
3. uncover omissions and or weakness in your planning process
4. solicit options and advice from people
5. stick with short term objective and modify the plan as your business progresses

Online Marketing Stragtegy

A successful online marketing strategy begins with a solid plan. Whether you’re venturing for the first time into marketing online or have dabbled before and now need an experienced online marketing professional to help, E Learning is your go-to source. We can help you create an high impact online marketing plan that focuses on your bottom line ROI.
Together we’ll work to:

Website Under Construction Templates !!

When starting a new blog or website it is best to use an attractive under construction page template or theme to inform potential readers about your upcoming site.

Having a nice coming soon page will make people curious about your site. Since under construction page templates usually include an option for visitors to sign up for email updates, then you will be able to start getting subscribers and potential readers to your site while you are still developing it.

Another use for under construction page templates is when you are planning to do maintenance work or redesign in your site.

Instead of displaying a plain notice of site under construction or webpage not found, it would be very useful to inform your loyal readers and visitors that your site is just undergoing site maintenance and will be back soon.

By the way, there will be many more to come. It is an under construction website template that has space for a logo, a twitter stream, contact information, other websites. Here are some attractive examples of under constructions website sings for inspiration of web designers.