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Computer Business Consultant

Computer Business Consultants is your IT solutions provider, offering a full suite of customizable services that include

Computer Networking Services

Computer Consulting Services

Computer Network Management

Data Backup and Protection

Virtual Server

Cloud Computing

PC and Mac Service, Support, & Repair

Internet and Wireless Security

System Upgrades

Computer Network Design

Information Technology Consulting

Voice and Data Cabling

Managed Services

Computer Business Consultant’s Managed Services include monitoring and management of our clients’ IT networks, storage, backup, software maintenance, and security.

Taking advantage of today’s specialized technology, Computer Business operates efficiently, keeping costs low, while delivering outstanding customer service, and improving the profitability and efficiency of our clients.

All Types of Companies, we provide Computer Consulting Services and Computer Networking Solutions to any sized business in any location. We have experience with a broad range of industries, including healthcare, technology, real estate, financial, legal, logistics.

Contact Us Computer Business Consultants provides innovative, practical and reliable computer support solutions to help you focus on growing your business. The result is improved efficiency, thereby increasing productivity in your day-to-day operations. For questions on how we can help your business, contact us today!

Your website chat and love customer support solution

Are you looking for a way to provide bet-ter customer support to the visitors to your website(s)? A way that will let you see who is visiting your website(s) and if they are a repeat visitor?

If so, AnswerChat can help you turn web-site visitors into website customers. And all you need in your office is an Internet connection, a few lines of HTML code on your website pages and AnswerChat

AnswerChat can enable your entire office support staff to easily chat with and watch your website(s) visitors

When someone wants to chat with you, a new window will open up on your computer (and a telephone sound will be heard if you have a sound card and speakers), showing you the person’s name and what page/screen they are visiting. You can then accept the chat, send the chat to the next operator in queue or a specific operator or your choosing, or send the visitor to an online email form.

Web consultants, also known as web developers or web designers, provide web design and maintenance services to companies and individuals. They create customized websites that convey their clients’ message in an effective and eye-catching way, and once the site is up and running, web consultants are often responsible for ensuring that it does not have any technical issues. In addition to computer skills and knowledge, web consultants often have a background in graphic design and possess strong visual and verbal communication skills as well.

Duties Web consultants perform a variety of duties. They may be responsible for planning a website from inception, and meet with clients to discuss the desired look and feel of the site before planning the overall layout and organization. In other cases, they are presented with an established concept and use it as a guideline to design a site that matches the idea. After a basic outline has been established, web consultants take any text or images that will appear on the site and convert them into viewable forms, using hypertext markup language (HTML). They may also add animation or interactive features to the site as well. Web consultants may also be responsible for adding downloadable files or clickable email information, which requires the use of file transfer protocol (FTP). After a website is built, web consultants may also perform technical maintenance duties, such as improving the site’s performance or approving additional content for the site as it becomes available.

" Paris London Bangkok "Small Business Consulting

Small business consulting is a growing field for business consultants. Like many consultation types, small business consulting overlaps the others in methodologies used and problems tackled. However, where small business consulting differs from those others is that everything they do, they finely tune to the needs of the small business.

For starters, this means cost. Small businesses obviously cannot afford the same level of expenditure that larger companies can. However, they do not need the same depth of service either. Therefore, consulting firms specializing in small business can reduce their broadness in return for fees that are more palatable to the small business.

Small business consulting firms provide services to businesses that would have no other access to them otherwise. For instance, many small businesses cannot afford to fund their own IT or HR departments. A small business consultation firm allows them to fill that gap affordably.

However, the usefulness of the small consulting firm to the small business begins long before IT and HR departments are a consideration. The consulting firm can provide a financial consultant that will help the small business owner-to-be develop a business plan and to get the funding from the bank or other investor sources.

Once the small business owner (SBO) has defined and then established the business, he or she can leverage the consulting firm to help it grow. The firm does this via marketing strategy consulting and Internet marketing consultant. Even local-only businesses can use the Internet effectively to increase their market presence. The consulting firm will use their technology consultants to build the business' web presence. If this is a business that can take advantage of a broader market, such as a store, the consulting firm can build the online shop.

Over time, a firm will build a network of connections in the area where it does business. A lack of connections is one the great roadblocks for many new SBOs. This network is perhaps the greatest benefit that a consulting firm gives to its small business client. A consulting firm can build profitable relationships between the new business and vendors in the area.

SBOs carry a lot of weight on the shoulders. New SBOs in particular can be unprepared for the stress of their new lifestyle. Top small business consulting firms do prepare for this and they offer their clients a wide range of services as individuals. Therefore, in addition to business coaching the SBO is receiving life coaching and the tools necessary to manage stress and other difficulties.